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Mirabilandia, the biggest amusement park in Italy, is just a few kilometres south of Ravenna, close to the most famous seaside resorts on the Adriatic coast. Entering Mirabilandia you’ll enjoy attractions, rides and shows of an international standard while relaxing surrounded by an enchanted atmosphere and flowers. The theme park has something to offer to people of all ages, teenagers and families. The spectacular adrenaline boosting stunt show is unique in Europe. Emotions fly high at Mirabilandia! Come and try record breaking rides: Divertical, iSpeed, Katun, the unforgettable acceleration on Discovery and Columbia towers or panoramic Eurowheel !

On Divertical you’ll travel at 110 km/h after diving for 60 meters. Try the magnetic racing on iSpeed, the record roller coaster on which you’ll experience the thrill of racing at the speed of a Formula 1 car! Starting from a height of 50 metres, it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 2,2 seconds. Go for a ride on this majestic inverted coaster taking you 50 meters over a Mayan City. Are you ready for a 60 mt breathtaking vertical drop on Columbia and Discovery towers? On Eurowheel, the exciting 90 mt panoramic wheel – the highest in continental Europe – you’ll have a fantastic view!

Children first ! Family entertainment is guaranteed on a range of attractions. The new Dinoland is a dinosaurs theme area dedicated to the adventurous younger ones but also great fun for parents. Travel million years back to the jurassic age and meet tyrannosaurs, velociraptors, pterodactylus and even get a prehistoric driving license. Bimbopoli is another must see, dedicated to the amusement of toddlers and small children.

Come on board Max Adventures Master Thai, the double track roller coaster exploring the reign of Max the Lion. Are you ready for the challenge? Get on your raft and go down the rough rapids through wild canyons of Rio Bravo. Face the anger of the Raratonga volcano, while defending yourself from other boats! On Reset, you travel armed with laser guns through the remains of futuristic New York devastated by a mysterious cataclysm. Don’t miss a turbulent splashdown on Niagara and a bumpy ride along the curves of Pakal. You’ll be spoilt for choice. Look for the updated programme of surprises and entertaining shows available for adults as well as for children.

Halloween celebrations start on the first week end of October and last until the end of the season. Mirabilandia celebrates with a Fun and Horror Festival. Fun for the whole family and some thrilling attractions reserved to the bravest ones!

Mirabilandia is a world of magic and endless amazement! Double fun is guaranteed because 1 single ticket allows you to enter the park for 2 consecutive days. Full details of the offer are available at www.mirabilandia.it

Discounted tickets to Mirabilandia are available from the hotel reception.


S.S.16 Adriatica km162 

48125 Loc. Mirabilandia (Ravenna)

Tel. info +39.0544.561156 – Fax +39.0544.560195