Breakfast is our Passion!

We take breakfast seriously. This is an important time of the day because after waking up our body needs a good supply of energy sources, water and nutrients. Breakfast must be taken slowly, in order to give the right energy boost to our body. That’s why Hotel Diana offer guests a rich and carefully selected buffet breakfast with croissants, biscuits, cakes, bread rolls, toasts, cured and cooked ham, pecorino and cream cheese, fresh fruit, preserved and dry fruits, a selection of yoghurts, a range of cereals and muesli, fruit purées, jams (strawberry, mixed berries, peach, apricot), jam, Nutella  and 12 types of honey, espresso, American coffee, barley coffee, hot chocolate, cappuccino, a large selection of teas and infusions, fresh milk, orange and multivitamin juices…

This is how we wish our guests a good day!

Nutella - Spreadable cream
Twinings - Tea
Natura Nuova
Nestlè - Coffee
San Pellegrino - Drinks
D'Arbo - Jams
Plattner - Honey
Rovagnati - cured meat
Consorzio Produttori Cesena -
 milk and cheeses